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Hi, my name is Jeff Lindstrom and I’m a veteran fitness trainer from Canada. I’ve created a comprehensive method for burning tons of fat from the human body with less time and without harmful drugs. In fact, you can burn fat at home by working out just three times a week. My programs are efficient and were designed to aid both men and women in their weight loss goals.

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I have worked with Jeff Lindstrom as my personal trainer for two years. Jeff takes a practical, focused and flexible approach to training. Whether the goal has been weight management, general health and fitness, sport specific training or injury rehabilitation, Jeff has designed a multitude of…Mark D
I have been overweight for most of my life, until a friend of mind referred me to Mr. Jeff Lindstrom. I lost a total of fifty pounds in a matter of months and I have much better control with my eating nowadays! Samantha S.Samantha S.
I wanted to become lean and sexy… I never knew that weights are amazing with shedding body fat. Thanks Jeffrey! Maria T.Maria T.
I am proof that age doesn’t matter when you want to lose weight. Jeff helped me get off the couch. I am now down to 20% body fat and I’m happy as ever. Thank you so much Jeff! Liza C.Liza C.
terryJeff’s teachings has gave me new insight on exercises and ways to change my workout routines. Incorporating legs in my workouts is huge, as i can feel strength in other area of my body. I’ve noticed that i can lift heavier weights and just looking more tone than before. Adding more…Jeff’s teachings... I can lift heavier weights
Working out with Jeff has helped me improve not just my physical but my overall well being. Jeff tailored a work out regime that fits my goals, my body type and my schedule. His skill at assessing my level of fitness and designing a personalized training regimen with new and varied exercises…Andrew K
I have been working out and striving to live a healthy lifestyle for years and have worked with many personal trainers in an attempt to maintain up to date knowledge regarding fitness. I have to say that Jeff stands out from all my other training experiences because of his holistic approach to…Aimee G.
I have nothing but absolute praise for Jeff. The personal training experience is enjoyable, well-defined, appropriate and with the right degree of challenge. He has taken the time to get to know me personally, my goals and objectives and does not project his personal goals onto mine which I truly…Scott D
I’ve known Jeff for a while. It wasn’t until I got out of competitive sports that I needed a way to change my thoughts on how to get back into shape the real way. I no longer needed to bulk up for football. Jeff was highly inspirational in dropping 25 pounds of fat. He is a pure genius. I tell…Jay L.
As a former athlete I place a high degree of importance on a regular fitness regime. However, at times it has proved challenging as work and home-life intensity has steadily increased. Working with Jeff has provided me with a modern perspective on training, nutrition and recovery. Our weekly…John D.